German tradition would have it that every PhD needs to be immortalised with a PhD hats (yes, these can be worn!). Interpret at your own risk…

Actuated handibles, ants in all shapes and sizes, an insect chess board, a ant head zapper, escaping ants (who can blame them?), a racket (broken in rage?), grumpy-cheerful labmates, speed-eating, a custom-built pizza oven (the last two items may go together?), and a road trip – congratulations, Dr Freddie!!

A rotating droplet/pineapple as centrepiece, combining Andrea’s love (?) for 3D droplet reconstruction and his hatred (certain!) of pineapple on pizza (oh the controversy!). A scary pink wing ready to escape its cage, some unspeakable truth about the restroom facilities in Bioengineering, a poster in unfortunate matt print, and a lifetime tally of pizzas as of March 2023 – congratulations Dr Andrea!